Saturday, 26 December 2015

new habits

I sit at my desk in my room where I type out these posts. And there are pieces of paper stuck up everywhere, some lists to do, or sayings like 'Don't stop beleiving'. Then little sketches of nudes, or ideas that I might be working on. And then the desk itself is covered in wall paint testers, hand creams, plants, pens, inks, christmas cards I am yet to write. This is just one corner of my room! yet it feels that it encroaches on my mind, this busyness this hub of activity of things yet to accomplish and explore. No wonder I feel I can't get one cohesive idea out at the moment. 
My friend told me that she wasn't going to buy anything new for 2016. I was shocked by this statement, thinking how will she manage that? 
Since she told me about this a few months ago I have been thinking how I would like to adapt this to my lifestyle. Firstly to stop buying things, and with that urge I have to buy something buy an experience instead. For example workshops at yoga bodhi, a spa day, a talk, cinema tickets. Become eager to find experiences as much as I am to find something to buy. I sound like a recovering shopaholic, but I am not, I don't even like going 'shopping' I have just lived in the same place for all my life and pretty much kept everything. I have always lived by the mentality, buy well, you buy once. Consequence nothing has really broken or gone out of date style wise. And my body shape hasn't ever changed so my clothes for the past decade still fit me. I can't say I will not buy a piece of clothing next year, as I am still finding what I want to say with my clothes. self expression through what you choose to wear I feel is important it sets a mood for yourself and that day. And even when you get the people who say they don't care what they wear thats still an expression. 
What I am hoping to get out of this, is a richer way of life. Literally richer, but also culturally richer. 


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