Sunday, 20 December 2015

this week

this week I have had a nasty cough/cold think the stress and tiredness of the show finally caught up on me. Only a few things to mention this week, as the cold and work have taken over for now. 

- I am allergic to doctors so I go to Neals yard for my wellness supplies. Been taking their Hot Lung mix, drinking inner strength tea and using the Arnica Salve to help with seizing up muscles. 

- watching the secret history of the British garden. Completely captivating. Writing down the locations so I now have a list to visit next year. 

- treated me and my mother to a spa day at Lucknam park. Because I love her and we both needed a day off, and when you spend that kind of money you sort of owe it to your self to absorb the gentle and relaxing energy of the place. The treatments are very holistic, a lot to do with chakras and working with the individual. There I discovered the brand Ila, and the body cream for vital energy, most gorgeous product. 

- started a children + enfant board on pinterest, I have seen so many wonderful little boutiques opening lately for children gear, they have really inspired me. Children's stuff is so creative and has the most wonderful colour palettes. 

Eames mid century wooden toys

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